Old San Juan

Old San Juan, the historic heart of Puerto Rico’s capital, is a captivating blend of past and present. It is situated west of Condado. This walled city, with its cobblestone streets and colorful colonial architecture, exudes a timeless allure. As you wander through its narrow lanes, you’ll discover centuries-old fortresses, charming plazas, and majestic cathedrals, each telling stories of a bygone era.


Old San Juan’s distinctive lifestyle seamlessly blends history with modern comforts, offering a rich tapestry of culture, art, and ocean views. This vibrant neighborhood caters to those who appreciate life’s finer things. In the realm of real estate, Old San Juan invites you to own a piece of its timeless allure with homes steeped in history lining the charming streets. Whether drawn to its historic charm or vibrant present, Old San Juan presents a unique opportunity to become part of its story.

Beyond leisure, Old San Juan is a cultural and recreational haven, hosting festivals and events that celebrate Puerto Rico’s rich heritage. As the sun sets, the neighborhood transforms into a lively hub of nightlife, with historic streets alive with music, inviting night revelers to savor the atmosphere. Despite the absence of large resorts, boutique hotels and quaint inns within beautifully restored colonial buildings provide immersive experiences, personalized service, and a hint of history, creating a delightful escape from the ordinary.


Escuela de Artes Plásticas y Diseño de Puerto Rico: This prestigious institution, located in the heart of Old San Juan, is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of artists and designers. Offering degrees in various disciplines of visual arts and design, the school is known for its rigorous academic program and commitment to artistic excellence.In Old San Juan, every moment is an opportunity to experience a blend of history, culture, and modern luxury, creating a lifestyle that is both enriching and exhilarating.

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